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Started as a sole proprietor offering a service to manufacturers in assisting with the distribution their products/brands to end-users. WeSolve only registered in 2020 due to the change of company ownership and growth.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak the business has grown tremendously and increased the product range as well as services and will continuingly do so to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

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WeSolve Distribution offers a wide variety of products, specifically designed and certified for their intended use. As a distributer our main service entails the distribution of brand named products that includes the organizing, labelling & detailed billing as required by the customer.

We always try to adapt and develop new ways to ensure customer satisfaction and ease of workflow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the online shop secure?

Yes, we have a state of the art website security along with reputable payagte(Yoco). However we also accept other payment methods, which ever suits the customer best.

Are our products certified?

Yes, we do not distribute any product without ensuring the applicable certification is in place. Certification available upon request.

Do we deliver?

Yes, we deliver nationally and our Estimated Time Of Arrival from date of payment is usually 3-5 working days – depending on product availability.

Do we offer discounts on Bulk Orders?

Yes, we do offer discount on bulk orders and discount percentage depends on bulk size. We also have regular specials running – so stay tuned.


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